Oct 20, 2011

Building a Vintage Wardrobe: Halloween Colors


It would be so easy to write these posts if I just threw theoretical outfits on the mannequin. But the goal here is to show looks I have actually worn in the ‘normal’ world. Not as costumes or for “dress up day” at work, or even to actual parties. But every day , go to the store, go to lunch, or in this case, go to the genealogy seminar outfit.

I was pleased in that this was comfortable, the colors were season appropriate  - black and a coral that is almost orange -  and while I was the only one in a skirt I still didn’t feel like a was too far out in a limb. On that note- what is it with pants all the time? Pants are fine, but enough! Get a skirt, ladies!

So this combo will take a place in the rotation. The black cardigan is a 1950s, good quality Orlon with hand appliqué and embroidery from a good vintage shop. It’s the piece I invested the most money in. Fifty dollars, and worth every penny. It’s a Ford - that’s what they used to call the well designed black dresses that a designer could sell 1000s of. A go to, every day piece that holds up and works with a wide variety of pieces. That’s what I was taught was the wise thing to put your money in.

I wear it with a peach cotton shirt and dark wash blue jeans, a cream turtleneck and black jeans, a knee length flared black wool skirt, crepe slacks….. well, you get my point.  The coral knit tank top (Talbot’s) is a thrift find as is the  probably 1990s charcoal grey wool skirt (The Loft). The belt is patent leather and brand new. I wore this with knee high brown boots for a more casual touch, but black boots will work and give it a bit dressier feel. The necklaces are vintage 1950s black and clear crystal beads that were my mother’s.   

Vintage Sweater: $50
Sleeveless Shell: $2
Skirt: $6
Vintage Jewelry: Free
Belt - $10
Total:  $68 

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Lizzie said...

I adore that sweater. I bet you wear it a lot.

As for wearing pants, it is so bad here that if you dare to wear a skirt everyone wants to know why you are all dressed up! I'm all for comfort, but from what I can see, ill-fitting pants (aka too tight) seem to be the norm, and how are they comfortable, I ask you.