Sep 26, 2011

Vintage Sweaters: Why we love them

I love vintage knitwear. It's been a long journey, due to a life long wool allergy. But I have discovered that with layers like turtlenecks , T's and camisoles, I can often wear vintage woolens and usually cashmeres. They are such good quality and were very often hand knit and usually fully fashioned.The quality to price ratio compared to modern knits cannot be beat.
Plus a good quality knit will hold it's shape for many years if taken care of properly and they can be hand washed for low maintenance cost and I call that a win/win I can live with.

So it's heading into much cooler days, although it is still just warm enough here for long sleeved shirts. That means it is time to pickup a sweater or 3 for fall. I know it's in the air, because Jody just posted a neat piece on vintage sweaters on her Couture Allure blog. But before you head over there, we have added the first grouping of vintage 1950s and 60s knitwear on the website. There's more to come. So take a look, and think about that fall and winter wardrobe you need to pull together.
1960s Camel Wool Sleeveless Sweater Shell Top from Frances Brewster  SZ M and 1960s Coral Mohair Cardigan Sweater  SZ L

Vintage 1960s Hand Crocheted Cardigan Sweater in Cream SZ S and Cream Ribbon and Mohair Knit Cardigan from Ruth Chagnon SZ M

all available at Past Perfect Vintage

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Auntea said...

I love vintage hand knits also. They were so exquisitely crafted with gross grain ribbon behind the button holes and cables worked with mohair. They were so elegant and fitted. My sister was gifted a gorgeous mohair cardigan, what a treasure.