Sep 12, 2011

One Woman's Wardrobe

The dream buy for a vintage clothing dealer usually involves one woman’s wonderful wardrobe of clothing spanning the better part of her adult life. If she was a woman of means who was interested in clothing - even better. If she was stylish - better yet. And if she was bigger than a size 4 - well, that’s a huge bonus.

I suspect most people, if they thought about it, and very few do, would think that’s the type of purchase vintage dealers make all the time. That we swan into people‘s homes or estates, clean out the closets and drawers and cedar chests and generally have a grand old time.

But it isn’t that way at all. Most of the time, we are out there hunting through a wide variety of venues - some quite pleasant, some rather gross - in an attempt to find those vintage fashions that people will buy, wear or collect.

Only a few times have I had access to a woman’s lifetime wardrobe. It’s always a special opportunity. And when she was a woman of style with the means to express it, it is a treat. We were lucky to be offered the contents of a local Louisville estate. The route of the clothes to us is too circuitous to describe, but let’s just say it was a lucky thing as these garments were destined for another end. This lady had style and she shopped in the best stores both locally and in Palm Beach and Delray Beach.

We will start offering the first section of this acquisition on the website very soon, but I wanted to post what we have photographed so far en masse as a small tribute. As we add these to the site, I will be posting about each of these here in more detail, but for now - please enjoy.

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