Sep 24, 2011

Building a Vintage Wardrobe: A Summer Step

It seems harder to find warm weather vintage looks. Perhaps it’s because wool jackets have held up in good condition in greater number than cotton blouses. Certainly,wearable and age appropriate cotton tops for women of ‘a certain age’ are not available in large quantities.Lots of sun dresses and even halter tops, but that’s not the look I need in my wardrobe right now.

This grouping is one I put together this summer and wore quite happily, and comfortably. And it’s all washable, a real bonus for summer wear. Because cost isn’t just what you invest in the purchase price of an item of clothing, it’s also what it takes to maintain it.

The basic piece, and the first one found, is the 1950s cotton skirt in a novelty print in a ‘the study of music’ theme form Elizabeth‘s Timeless Attire in Louisville. The skirt is a simple dirndl, full enough to swirl and catch the air on a hot and humid day, but not too much yardage for summer comfort. The color range works for early fall, too. The 1950s black cotton blouse is also an Elizabeth‘s find, with a white button motif to perk it up. The belt is modern, a brown leather belt with a large gold tone clasp (Zappo’s warehouse).
The blouse doubles up well with blue jeans, and the belt goes with many things in the closet.

Second look - a modern black T ( a freebie from my sister’s closet), a 1950s vintage double buckle brown leather belt with brass crest from an estate sale, and the jewelry is a modern glass bead bracelet made by same sister and a 1950s vintage glass bead triple strand necklace (gift!) plus a 1960s amber Lucite box purse from an estate auction.

Total cost of both looks? $39.50, plus $50 for the Lucite purse. Lucite is always pricey - $50 is actually a good deal.



Anonymous said...

Hollis, I'm really enjoying this series. That first look is super. You managed to take a busy novelty print, and mix it with another print without it looking busy or kitschy. Love that belt too.

Lisa said...

Great outfits! I really love the blouse. Don't you just love how vintage can look so modern and fresh when it's put together in the right way?
Can't wait to see what you show us next!

Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

Thank you Lisa and Lizzie!