Aug 26, 2011

Take Two from the 50s

Two from the 1950s. What do these tow have in common besides the era? An attention to detail I would say. Not the same treatment by any means, but still - detail in cordwork. The black linen weave clutch coat is very simple - a straight body cut with kimono type sleeves, lined in white taffeta. It couldn't be any simpler. But a simple cut is what is needed to set off all that white passementerie work down the fronts. More trim, and the ethnic reference could easily become too heavy handed. A more complex cut, and the long sweep of trim  would be interrupted or lose focus. Although I am sure it was originally intended for wear over a dress, I think this has great style potential over a blouse and pants, provided both have a good slim fit. 

Detailed 1950s Linen Clutch Coat with White Cordwork

Now, the shoes. Royal blue satin Daniel Green slippers or mules with rosy red trim and cord work frog. Lovely. This brilliant color combination certainly focuses the eye on the design details. The surface shine of the satin also makes a textural contrast with the matte cord. In a busy brocade the trim wouldn't pop as much, and in a matte texture, the cord work would hide unless it was done in a high contrast of color. Good design choices in each garment I do believe.

Snazzy 1950s Blue Satin Daniel Green Mule Slippers

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