Aug 9, 2011

Loevenhart's Of Louisville

As many of our blog readers know, I continue to research and gather labels and photos of local department stores in Louisville. The vintage clothing I find from these businesses is so often of really superior quality that while I do have memories of these stores and their buildings,I wish I had paid more attention as a teenager and young adult while they were still in business.

Evey once and a while, I hear from family members and former employees who want to share part of their history. Some with memories, some with questions, others with photos of buildings. Last evening, I updated Louisville Department Stores: A Short History with an extensive history of the fine menswear store, Loevenhart's. Founded in 1867 in Lexington,Ky. this family owned firm was a presence in Louisville from 1898 - 1995. That was quite an accomplishment. I was able to write such a detailed piece  because Lee Loevenhart Grossman and Ken L. Grossman contacted me and wanted to share an important part of their working lives and were willing to dig through the family archives and share personal photos. 
Here is just one sample: 
Loevenhart's promotional postcard from 1908

for more history on Loevenhart's and many other Louisville Stores, please visit:

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