Jul 9, 2011

Vintage Hair Doodads

We return to vintage thoughts after a extended 4th of July break, a day of errands, a little personal shopping, and too many hours of post vacation yard work. It wasn't pretty. Let's just say it involved a lot of poison ivy. 

We listed these four hair accessories, more technically called 'doodads' here at Past Perfect, on the website and the top three sold instantly! We will be shipping them out soon, and I am sad to see them go in that they were three of my favorites. As a grouping it's a pretty great selections of different styles, from Japanese brass and aluminum kanasazi to Chinese kingfisher feather and jade trembler style hair pin, to Victorian hinged hairpin and finally a classic Edwardian celluloid and rhinestone comb.

So enjoy then now, because they are leaving Monday!

Japanese Fan Motif Hair Ornament or Kanzashi 
Chinese Hair Ornament with Kingfisher Feathers, Jade and Seed Pearls
c. 1900 Winged and Hinged Carved Tortoise Hairpin

c. 1900 Edwardian Celluloid Side Comb with Green Stones, available now at:

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, especially the Chinese one. Love it!