Jul 2, 2011

Signs of the Times: Wrapping Up the West

 It's time to wrap up this Western sign series. Where else would the a Cowboy Clothtier sign be, but Greybull, Wyoming? And what else would they sell but Pendleton? And of course that is a grey bull on the sign.

Probst Western and Outdoor Clothing Co, Greybull, WY, est. 1945

The Irma Hotel, Cody, WY
The Irma Hotel is a Restaurant, Grill, Saloon and Hotel - built in 1902 by Buffalo Bill Cody Himself. I really wish it hadn't been 8AM when we drove by. This looked so worth a long stop.   

 Historic Hotel Greybull, Greybull, WY
 c. 1916, a restored and working hotel.

 The Silver Spur Bar, Greybull, WY. 
They have Karaoke. And it's for sale if you are looking for a business opportunity.

 Nutty's Beer and Daiquiri Bar, Sioux Falls, SD.
  We had an unplanned, but great lunch here.And as a bonus, there was a rabbit on the deck outside. 

Canton Hardware, Canton, MO
Not Neon, but one of the painted brick wall sign that are fast disappearing as buildings get renovated or torn down.  Hard to read, but still a document of the buildings uses.

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