Jul 29, 2011

New in July, Installment 3: Coats and Jackets

It really is getting to be time to think about coats and jackets for fall. It doesn't seem that way with the temperature hitting 100 today. That's real temperature, I don't want to know what the heat index was. And given that I was still buying summer clothes this week, it's a bit much for me to go on about shopping early.
But I have learned shopping for vintage isn't like shopping at the mall, in many more ways than the proverbial one. The best time to buy vintage? If you see it, like it and it fits - get it. There won't be another one.And if you like it, odds are someone else will, too.  Really. I can't tell you how many times we have to disappoint a customer and tell them an item has already sold. On one memorable occasion, at the Cats Pajamas Vintage Clothing Show in Elgin, IL, we had four different ladies lined up to buy one walking suit. We could have started an auction and had a bidding war! We didn't. The first one in line got it, but I so wished I had had 3 more beautiful, golden brown, modern size 10, Teens walking suits in great condition. But I never will, and that's the point.  

If you see it, you like it, it fits and it's a good price - Buy It. I have learned this eternal truth the hard way for both myself and for my clients. Spare yourself, and learn from our pain. 

New this month at Past Perfect Vintage: 

Great 1960s Black Leather Woman’s Jacket  and  1970s Spy Worthy Black Leather Trench Coat
1970s Chester Weinberg Novelty Weave Blazer and 1970s LG SZ Youthcraft Coat with Fur Collar
Retro 1970s Style Faux Fur Bomber Jacket   

Now available at Past Perfect Vintage

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