Jun 20, 2011

Signs of the Times: The Rte 66 Edition, Part 2

In no particular order, but all on Tucumcari Blvd/Rt 66/Bus 40 in Tucumcari,NM we saw this great array of signage. And there were more - I didn't begin to get them all. Plus I missed the Odeon, a 1930s movie house that is still open.  I found photos of it online - and I am sad to have missed it.
Except for Tepee Curios, these were all taken early in the morning light from a moving car. I expect they are fabulous at night. 
 The Palomino Motel where the rates are certainly tempting.
The Apache. In a lot of online photos, this sign has a black background. I wonder when it was changed?

  Tepee Curios, all lit up , and I sure wish I had gone inside now. If nothing else to compare it to the famous Wigwam Village Inn in Cave City, KY, a local landmark

 The Americana Motel. In this lineup, it's the subdued design.

The Thunderbird Lounge, which was open for breakfast. But we had already eaten at Kix on 66, so that's another opportunity gone.

Next edition - old movie theatres. 

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