Jun 27, 2011

Signs of the Times: More from the West

More signs, more neon. Can there be too many? I think not. Motels, bars and cafes. 

Shelley's Cowboy Bar and Golden Spur Cafe in Afton, WY
It's a dining room, a cafe, a bar, a package liquor store, and of course, that is a spur with rowel between the cafe and bar signs. Not a lot of neon, but a fine sign nonetheless.  

 The Rawhide Motel, Jackson,WY
I didn't get it lit up,but a fine sign, yes? The steer head is of course outlined in neon.
The Antler Motel, Jackson, WY
Can you believe with this sign, there was a vacancy?

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, Jackson, WY. 
Neon and bulbs galore, plus a bucking bronco. 

Mac's Motel, Heber City, UT
A nice streamlined 50s style sign, very clean.
The Apache Motel, Moab, UT
They don't do these signs anymore either - '4 blocks then turn right'. Plus the arrow fletch at the top of the pole. Wonderful.

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