Jun 25, 2011

Le Potpourri du Vintage

For your viewing and shopping pleasure, we bring you a small potpourri of vintage. Two dresses and two hats. The dresses? 1920s. The hats? 1940s. The through line? None, except Pretty. First up, a 1920s net lace dress with period slip. We just happen to have the perfect slip in stock - we have been holding onto it for  over 10 years, and now we have the perfect dress.  Then a 1920s green satin dress I was sure was going to be dressmaker made, but found a Prosanis label inside. This early label dates this dress rather clearly to 1924-1929. And shows it was professionally manufacture in "healthy, clean  safe and fair" working conditions approved by the Joint Board Sanitary Control of New York. 

1920s Green Satin Dress Beaded in Pink and Gold 

1920s Wedding Worthy Hand Embroidered Net Lace Dress

 Now, to the hats! two 1940s hats, the first very tailored in a black felt top hat style with yellow and green feather aigrette. And the second? A fantastic blue feather doll hat in the percher style with a bluebird, or more likely a painted bunting in the blue feather 'nest'. 

1940s Black Felt Tilt Hat Topper with Plumes
1940s Brilliant Blue Feather Bluebird Tilt Hat  

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