Jun 1, 2011

Bustles in The Queen: 1875, part Deux

Two more 1875 bustle dresses from The Queen. I do think this period had the most graceful line of the bustle variations. Not as short waisted and puffy as the earliest 1870s version, which looks a little wedding cakesque, yet softer and less rigid than the 1880s version. And this has a more graceful profile line than the truly horizontal bustle of the later era, as well. That said,it is still an Awful Lot of Dress by anyone's standards.

 Fete Toilette
Party Dress, yes? in 2 shades of grey faille. I assume a daytime party as opposed to a evening dinner or a ball as it has sleeves and a high neckline. I think this is Quite Grand, and in the faille, probably rustled wonderfully.

Toilette de Ville 
A Town Ensemble, I do believe. In plain and checked grey cashmere. Both ensembles have period V necklines with reveres, 3/4 sleeves with cuffs or under sleeves, and very complex draped skirts. Pleated trimmings were quite the rage. But the real period specific detail is the contrast sleeves.

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I went to a wedding yesterday where the dress had a wonderful bustle and train, very much the same silhouette as these dresses, but strapless, of course! I was amazed at how easily the bride maneuvered that mass of fabric!