May 29, 2011

Spring & Summer Flowers can take Many,Many Forms

The many varieties of vintage florals. They came out in the Spring and last all Summer, which is the ideal for a blooming plant in my garden. My fondness for these may date to the huge rose print draperies in the guest bedroom at my grandmother's house, a pre-Civil War structure, probably the overseer's home on the old farm. If memory serves, the room was probably 'done' in the 1940s, and it was the room where small children were put down for their naps during family parties. Needless to say, I was very familiar with that room. It was cozy in a 40s meets Victorian way. 

Now that I have taken us down that particular memory lane, let's look at pretty prints. Abstract 1930 tulips, realistic 1940s roses, big and bold 50s dahlias and mums, 60s abstracts and tropicals, and then back to realism in the 1980s.     

That was fun wasn't, it?

all currently available at Past Perfect

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