May 22, 2011

Sporty Knit Fashions, 1937

Just a couple of posts ago, we featured knit fashions of 1933, and very stylish they were, too. Today's are from 1937. They are bit more fitted in the waist, and a good bit shorter in the hem length as you can see on the cover. Yet the interior shots don't show a length. How clever. Hem lengths were on the rise in the mid to later 30s, and this way, the styles might not look out of date as quickly. Thus they could keep selling the magazine longer, or with a different cover if lengths went up or down, or even add these patterns into later issue.   
 Another thought - the publishers already did that. The two cover outfits seem to look  a bit more toward the fashions of the 1940s than some of the other styles. Love the bigger hats -  those are very 1937.And you can't go wrong with a white swagger coat.  I am also quite fond of the small sporting silhouettes on the cover. Oddly enough, none of the pattern names are actual sport activities- they all imply weekend leisure, shopping, luncheon, or spectator activities.

Cotton Fashions to Knit and Crochet, 1937 from Clark's O.N.T. 

The Sea Island Dress and the Lido Coat

The Country Club Two Piece Dress

The Dashaway Top and Skirt

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