May 25, 2011

Just One More: 1930s Knit Evening Dress

When I read the words " hand knit evening dress", the metal image is none too pretty. It sounds off - like a corduroy evening gown. Or a denim formal. And possibly as dowdy as all get out. But I am so very wrong. 

Look at this. In the right yarn - stunning. Granted, today very few women could pull off the matching capelet. We aren't into matchy-matchy anymore. But still. That close-up is lovely. And beautifully accessorized with  the ruched gauntlet gloves, the ring belt and chandelier earrings. Her hair is great, too. This is classic early 1930s style. Not movie star style, but classic, well-bred style.

1933 Knit Evening Gown with capelet

 1933 Knit Evening Gown detail

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