May 21, 2011

A Hat In Honor of the Bluebirds

There are blue birds nesting in the birdhouse by the road. This is the third year running the bluebirds have nested in our yard. There is also a Carolina wren nesting in the open box of perfectly good trash bags in the garden lean-to, and I had to be super quiet when putting up the rakes today. I can't get to my clippers because of them. But wrens, however cute, are no match for the charm of a bright blue male blue bird. We watched them feed their young today. It's great. And they run the squirrels and other birds away from the box with much vigor.

In their honor, I decided to feature  a recent acquisition. It's not up on the website yet, and most likely won't go on until June. It certainly is the bluest of blue bird hats. And undoubtedly one of the more whimsical 1940s hats we have had. I can't see this with a tailored wool suit, but a print crepe dress? Oh yes.
1940s Vintage Tilt Hat of 
dyed blue feathers with Perched Bird & circle clamp
 Coming in June to Past Perfect Vintage

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The Girl in the Jitterbug Dress said...

I LOVE this hat. I love vintage (wrote a vintage novel, AND I raise chickens. Is this on sale somewhere! LOVE IT!!!!!