May 3, 2011

A Fabulous Foursome

These four additions to Past Perfect vintage all come from one estate auction. There were 2 other dresses (we didn't get) and 2 hats (we did).  I love the story they tell. There were 2 young woman's dresses in the same small size from 1907 - 1908 ish, represented here by the one we purchased, a lace insertion dress in pale pink cotton. There was a much larger black beaded and sequinned gown from the same era. Not the same woman, mind you - the sizes were quite different. I imagine we were looking at a mother and daughter pair. Sadly, that dress was in too poor a condition for us to acquire. The larger, and I assume older, woman was also represented by this more mature 1920s black chantilly lace dress and silk slip set, while the younger, slimmer woman owned this black chiffon dress from the cusp of the 20s to 30s plus this wonderful early 1930s black velvet and lace cutwork and applique dress. The secondary theme seems to have been yellow flower stamens on black. The hats were a black velvet  hat from the teens and a slate blue 20s cloche.

The things I love about estate finds? The condition is from the family. Any mends or alters are part of the story, rather than modernizations, quick fixes or hack jobs. Usually, things haven't been mucked about with too much. I get to see the larger picture- the owner's general taste and lifestyle, sometimes where they shopped, and even sometimes other cities they lived in.  And in this case, lovely garments in good condition that were stored properly, that haven't been altered or cleaned inappropriately. And I know this because I saw them as part of the time capsule, as it were.  

That's just the best.

 l., c. 1908 Pink Cotton Lace Insertion Dress, r. 1920s Black Chantilly Lace Dress with Tassel belt
L. 1930s Black Velvet & Lace Dress with cutwork & applique, r. 1929-30 Black Chiffon Dress with cape collar and tiered skirt 

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Lisa said...

Oh! I just love the velvet cutwork dress! I would love to see it in person.
I've never been to an estate sale. I've always wanted to go to one.