May 6, 2011

Accessories in Red

I tried to be inspired to cleverness. "Accessory to a ____". "Accessory after the _____". Nope. Nothing there. Or at least no inspiration that got me to these two great red accessories.So we will have to be content with pretty pictures.

Love these red shoes. I didn't squeal when I found them, because I was out in public and I try to act my age occasionally. I did vocalize an 'oooh'. Let me say, these were shoes I dreamed of back when heels were part of my life. Red 1940s Snake Platform Peep Toe Slingback shoes really does say it all. And these sweethearts are a sz 8 1/2, i.e. wearable.

Glamorous 1940s Red Snake Platform Shoes

And this hat made me smile. First, it's red. Then, it has a small curly stem on the crown. And last it has black over-stitched panels and small tails at each seam. What might have inspired this hat, do you think? 
Just another fine example of inspired 1930s millinery. And it's a Milgrim. Milgrim's was a quality ladies store in NYC and other eastern cities. Sally Milgrim was the designer for their custom lines, and her designs carried in other department stores as well. Which is why I do find a few Milgrims here in the Midwest/Upper South.

Distinctive 1930s Tomato Red Wide Brim Hat by Milgrim 

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