Apr 27, 2011

Totally Not Vintage. There's a lot of water around here.

I have been working on vinatge clothing,working on the website. Shipping sales. Good times. But the big news here in the Ohio River Valley is: 
10 Inches of rain. This week. That's right. 10 inches.
And more to come. The creek behind our house, which is nameless, flows to the Salt River. It's backed up, because the Salt is backed up, because the Ohio is very high. I hear the Mississippi is high, too. The spring by the driveway is now coming up in many new places.  

So to entertain us until we are ready to post about great vintage fashion tomorrow:
The Flood of 2011.

The Salt River at I 65. It should only be between the trees on the right hand side.

 The Salt along I65, taking over the grounds at the Awesome Flea Market (a world renowned landmark,I am sure)
 The Salt coming mighty close to the Hwy 61 bridge and the CSX Railroad bridge. The flood stage is 32 feet. 

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