Apr 15, 2011

Some Thoughts from the Front Lines on the Hunt For Vintage


A big semi-annual sale at a local thrift was held yesterday. So of course I was there. This is a time honored sale at a non-profit that has very nice things donated by, generally speaking, financially comfortable organization members. People come from all over and stand in line for an hour or more to get in first. I have found some amazing items there over the years.

But it's been a bit thin the last year and a half. Actually, yesterday was very thin, vintage wise. No photos yet, but nothing that brought out a woot or a squeal.  And the designer racks were a bit disappointing as well.

As we waited in line to get in, there developed a conversation as to the changes in what we find at the sale.  

The thoughts and questions of a few shoppers in a queue with an hour to wait:

Are people ( even those with money) holding on longer to clothing and jewelry they would have donated?  
Are they sending  things to consignment shops that they used to donate?
Or, and this is my greatest fear, is one of my favorite sources selling things elsewhere ( the dreaded ebay) and I never get a chance to see the goods? 
And just what does this mean for the future of selling vintage fashion? We travel to a 4 state area now to score quality vintage. 

It does make me appreciate the really fine pieces when we find them. I hope others do as well.


Auntea said...

I thought I was the only one that had noticed this. It is so frustrating. I am currently looking for "dress up" clothes for my two granddaughters and am I having a hard time of it. There hasn't been a pretty teacup or teapot in ages. I think people are selling things online & consignment shops. Can't blame them, but I have been a thrifter for years and years, and I really miss the "good ole days."

Anonymous said...

Also, there is just more competition for the best stuff. And it's not just at the sales. Young people are going to grandma's and taking the "mid century modern" stuff off her hands so it never reaches the market!