Apr 23, 2011

Harry Angelo, Models of 1923: Miler Soeurs, part 2

I apologize for the late night post. The Easter parade today set me back a bit on my timing today. As research still continues on Germaine and Renee, who are turning out to be rather obscure French designers, here are the last of the Miler Soeurs dresses from the Harry Angelo 1923 Catalog. I think the embroidered parakeets in No. 4 may just win the Most Whimsical Dress Design Award of 1923. And it is a fascinating note to discover that there a  green established as 'Lanvin green' by 1923. The things you can learn! If you read, that is. It is tempting to just look at these pretty pictures,and let them wash over you. 

Miler Soeurs No 2
"Afternoon gown of sandalwood crepe romaine combined with silk lace in self coloring. The yoke effect of the bodice continues in the back with a round lace bertha. The girdle of paisley and tortoise shell beads circles the waist. The lace overskirt is draped at one side and is joined with a full panel of the plain material."

Miler Soeurs No. 4
" A straight line dress of Lanvin green and black flat crepe, embroidered in a colored parakeet design. The embroidered design giving a blended effect to the contrasting colors. A side flap gives a panel line to the skirt and a narrow belt circles the waist." 

Miler Soeurs No. 5
"An evening wrap of silver and green brocade. A semi dolman sleeve gives a wrap appearance to the otherwise mandarin treatment of this number. The scarf collar is finished with a deep fringe of green silk."

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Lizzie said...

Hollis, I've loved this series. It has reminded me of why the early 20s is one of my very favorite fashion eras!