Apr 5, 2011

Harry Angelo Models of 1923: Jenny

More in our series of Harry Angelo 1923 Models. Molyneux, Renee and Worth are yet to come.

Jeanne-Adele Bernard aka Jenny Sacerdote started at Paquin, then Béchoff-David. She opened Jenny in 1908/1909 and was located in the Rue Castiglione in 1911. Jenny moved to 70 Avenue des Champs-Élysées in 1914/1915 and stayed there until 1933. Popular with Americans, Jenny did well during World War I. From Back from Utopia: the Challenge of the Modern Movement by Hubert-Jan Henket, “The firm was probably most famous in the 1920s for its 'little grey suit', which became a kind of uniform for chic Parisian women in the 1920s.”

L’Officiel shows the house from August 1933 to November 1937 at 8 Rue Royale. In 1938, Jenny merged with Lucille Paray, and was listed and advertised as Lucille Paray-Jenny at 8 Rue Royale. The last mention in L‘Officiel is Sept. 1939 when the house closed. France joined Britain, Australia and New Zealand in declaring War on Germany Sept. 3rd, 1939.

Jenny No. 24
"A cape costume of sandalwood crepe romaine combined with Angelo's silk mesh lace of the same color. The entire bodice with short sleeves is made of the latticed lace and the skirt is fashioned in tiers of the crepe romaine over lace foundation. The full cape which drops just to the hips also uses a tiered arrangement of the material with narrow, joining strips of the lace."

Jenny No. 23
"A piquant gown of black flat crepe with overskirt of Angelo's Chantilly lace. An overlaid border of paisley georgette trims the bodice and bands the drop skirt which is barely discernible through the folds of the lace. The fullness of the lace overskirt is concentrated in front. "

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