Apr 12, 2011

Harry Angelo 1923 Model Gowns: Mme. Cyber

This is a curious name. It’s hard to believe the name of a contributing design house would be misspelled in a professional catalog, but there are no references anywhere to a 'Cyler'. There was a Mme Cyber with a successful house. I am going to assume until other evidence arrives that the correct spelling was Cyber.

 Mme Cyber founded this house in 1922. From L’Officiel, 1924 no 36: August: "This house has been opened two years ago; it immediately had a great success, owing to the talent and good taste of Mme Cyber. She loves her art and has the constant thought of giving to her creations a perfect une.[sic] Her talent is assured and she has surrounded herself with the highest assistance, with this experience she has come rapidly to the fore. Cyber is moving into much larger premises." This would refer to the 4 Place de l’Opera. This had been  Drecoll in 1923/1924. Cyber’s first location is unknown. Collections were covered in L’Officiel from 1924 - 1930. She was featured in her own ads to 1929 and received coverage in L’Art L’Mode, Le Galois, and Le Figaro-Paris. Apparently the house rose to the forefront fairly quickly.  Mme Cyber did get coverage in the US papers as well, with news in the NY Times, Chicago Tribune and Milwaukee Journal. In Dressing Modern French Women 1919 - 1939 by Mary Lynn Stewart there is a reference to a 1926 lawsuit by Patou et Cie against Toubol (Cyber House).The house seems to have closed in 1930.

 Cyler/Cyber No. 36
"An interesting frock of flamingo crepe romaine introducing eyelet embroidery as a trimming. The bodice is made with a cape back and simulates a basque appearance with a short lacing in the front. The draped apron front on the skirt, concentrates its fullness in the center as does the cape back of the bodice."  

Cyler/Cyber no. 35
" A gown of black flat crepe showing a solid pattern of cired braid. The curved lines of the embroidered design, both front and back give a side fastening effect to this one piece garment."

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