Apr 16, 2011

Easter Colors! The Vintage Version


Easter Egg Hunt preparations are in progress. Eggs are boiled and dyed. Lunch is planned.  A special addendum to the Great Hunt has been prepared. There will be a 'special ' egg with The Key to the Secret inside. Rhymes have been written. Clues plotted. There will be a surprise........but loose lips sink ships so no more will be revealed.  

Egg dyeing made me look at these new acquisitions in an Easter Light. It's Spring. At long last. Even though today there was a fire in the wood stove and it was grey and rainy all day along for the 2nd day. There is a tulip in bloom and the columbines are starting. There is a green haze to the trees. And the last Christmas present ( it's a long story) just went off to Maine, so here at Past Perfect Vintage, we can truly and officially Leave Winter Behind.

Enjoy the Spring blooms! 

 L. 1940s Blue Cotton Print Dress with roses, R. Lilly Dache "Dachettes" Yellow Straw Hat with Yellow Flowers

 L. 1950s Pink Cotton Skirt and Top Set, R. 1980s Floral Silk Jersey in Yellow and pink by Leonard of Paris 

Now available at:The 40s and 50s 

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