Apr 29, 2011

The Debut: Our 18th Century Fashion Selections

We are so pleased to announce the debut of the just opened Past Perfect Vintage The 18th Century. It has taken quite some time to assemble enough of these truly antique and now very rare textiles to offer a selection to our clients. We start with a lovely hand quilted cotton petticoat, 2 men's embroidered waistcoats of the 1780s, and a fabulous cut velvet and satin double breasted waist coat of the 1790s.The embroideries are wonderful. And the monochromatic color schemes are superb. I am also a huge fan of all the silver bullion thread, silver spangles and silver studs. But I am a magpie at heart.

Please click through to the large photos - you won't be sorry.

 left: 18th Century Polychrome Embroidered Antique Silk Waistcoat c. 1780s, right: 18th Century Beautifully Embroidered Monochromatic Silk Twill Antique Waistcoat


L. Antique 18th Century Quilted White Cotton Petticoat ca. 1780s and R.Antique c. 1790s Black and Cream Cut Velvet and Silk Satin Waistcoat
For more photos, and details, click here:  Past Perfect Vintage

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