Apr 20, 2011

An April Round Up

Today? A small potpourri. Bits and pieces. A hodge podge. An olio. An alphabet soup. A salmagundi. I do love the words the English language has developed for a grouping of disparate items. And yes, I have been working a lot of crosswords lately. How did you know?

So today we have: A grand pair of navy blue Edwardian boots with satin insets on the uppers. Not black , as usual, not plain as usual. But small size as usual. Still - something different always takes our eye. 

Next: two combs. An old, Victorian era tortoise comb in a Fleur d' lis shape. This is a sweet piece, and quite substantial. Hand carved, too. Strictly speaking, this is a hair pin as it has only 2 teeth, and is very much what a woman would have worn on a more everyday basis rather than the large bejeweled celluloid combs we generally offer.On the right, a second comb, also tortoise, but in a completely different carving technique and effect. This one is pierced and has a Spanish motif with a dancer, guitar and castle. A mantilla comb? Perhaps a small one.
 Perhaps there is more of theme than I realized. On the left, an Edwardian cream net tambour lace shawl that we posted up last month on the website with lovely grape clusters and a deep border. Perfect for over the mantilla comb, I think. And last, a late 1948 - 52 navy blue wool suit with deep dolman sleeves, great pocket detail and a walking skirt.  This quality suit in a 42" bust , 32" waist is hard to come by, especially in great condition.

all available now at PastPerfectVintage.com

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