Apr 6, 2011

All 1920s, All the Time

If you have been following this blog, you would be forgiven for thinking I have an obsession with the fashions of 1920s. I don't. Really. It's just serendipity. First the Harry Angelo Models of 1923 series I am posting, (and there's many more to come), the 1920s event we did with Elizabeth's Timeless Attire and now these three new additions to Past Perfect Vintage.

I wish we found enough 1920s clothing and accessories to have an obsession. But sadly, these get harder to find in any kind of condition at all. Examples that qualify as excellent to very good condition are becoming few and far between.

I am happy to say we did find three 1920s and 30s dresses very recently. And a wide brimmed cloche that isn't black! This is the sort of event that is cause for excitement here at headquarters. That and Spring has finally arrived, and not a moment too soon.

So enjoy these April additions!

Art Deco 1920s Green Silk Chiffon Beaded Coat and Dress Set in green and gold silk chiffon with multicolor beading

Elegant 1920s Black Lace and Blue Bead Evening Dress
in a border lace over chiffon

Festive 1920s Brass and Red Glass Bead Flapper Bandeau

all available at Past Perfect Vintage

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Don't you find that items come in themes? I collect 50's dresses and I always find that I get a run of a particular style or colour even.

Love the beaded headband! Very pretty!