Mar 15, 2011

Some new goodies at Past Perfect Vintage

I just posted a potpourri of new goodies
A few things for Spring, a few for Summer. There will be more soon. Some 1950s Vogue patterns tomorrow. A Victorian bonnet. A 50s jacket by Charles Kupersmith. A patio skirt. As I said - a potpourri.

These 1950s swim trunks made me laugh out loud when I found them. They are in great shape -maybe the original owner didn't have the nerve to wear them. And the label?


This 1950s Black Organza Halter Party Dress is a summer weight and light as the proverbial feather. The white lace with rhinestone accents gives it definition.

July 4, 2011. You can be ready now. Red, white and blue leather 1960s stilettos by Balli.

1950s Black I. Miller Black Leather Sandals in a size 7. These are only available because they aren't a size 8. I. Miller made really good shoes. And these are no exception.

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