Mar 29, 2011

It is Vintage Vacation Time in a big way

It's vacation time! It's a vintage vacation in two senses: a vacation from vintage clothing work and vintage clothing shopping but with lots of vintage clothing to wear. I am happy say there will be three 49er jackets and a 50s cardigan or two going along. Plus some 1930s jewelry and some fine thrift finds. However,the new to me fine 1970s leather coat will be staying - it doesn't fold well.
This will be a needed break from:

Steaming clothing.
Ironing clothing.
Washing clothing.
Writing about clothing.
Photographing clothing.
Tweeting about clothing.
Posting on Facebook about clothing.
Selling Etsy clothing.
Researching 1920s Paris Couture clothing.
Researching Louisville, KY Department Stores and their clothing.

In other words? A Complete Change of Pace. See you next week and here's bit of eye candy to feast on!Hawaiian Barkcloth Dress coming soon to

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Anonymous said...

I hope you are having a wonderful time!!