Mar 16, 2011

Harry Angelo, Models of 1923: Miler Soeurs

Another obscure House of the 1920s. This one appears to have been high quality and publicized, but short lived. I give you two classic 1920 beaded dresses from The Sisters Miler.

Miler Soeurs

Miler Soeurs was located at 75, Faubourg Saint-HonorĂ©. This appears to have been a short lived house, active in the 1920s and early 30s. Miler Soeurs was successful enough to receive coverage and be mentioned with much more recognized houses in L’Art L’Mode ( 1922) ,L’Officiel, The NY Post ( 1924), and The New Yorker (1926). Harry Angelo carried models in 1922-23, John Wanamaker in 1924, and Altman’s in 1925. By 1926, McCall’s pattern company advertised Miler Soeurs designs along side the better known houses of Patou, Lelong, Jenny, Martial et Armand and Redfern. L’Officiel carried notices of just four showings: Winter 1926, Summer and Winter 1929, then Summer and Winter 1930. By 1937, the couturier Jane is in residence at 75 Faubourg-St. HonorĂ©.
Miler Soeurs No 3.
"A formal gown of shell pink crepe Romaine embroidered in crystal bugles and rhinestones with silver thread. The skirt which shows a front drape is straight in back, the bodices is slightly bloused. Panels of the plain georgette that drop from the shoulder are tied at the waist and hang in streamers below the hem of the skirt. "

Miler Soeurs No. 1
"A dinner gown of black crepe romaine with bateau neck line and ribbon side panel of plain material. The angular design which covers the dress is worked in glass beads of antique coloring which include dull blue, topaz, henna and amber shades."

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