Mar 11, 2011

The Easter Bonnet Decision

For the first time in many many years -since childhood- I need an Easter bonnet. This is a big moment for me. Do I have a dress? Not yet. Shoes? No way. But a Hat? That has me thinking.
Easter is late this year, but it could still be suit weather. We've had people in overcoats on Derby Day*. Or it could be sleeveless cotton dress and sandals weather.
Oh the decisions.

So here are the contenders. The first three are in the Past Perfect Vintage Shop, the rest are coming some day soon. Some day soon after Easter, that is!

Plus: straw/horsehair would be cool, has a circle clamp to hold it on
Minus: big brim will be hard to control of there's breeze and at my height, I will look like a mushroom.
Plus: small and easy to wear, colorful
Minus: orange not my color, brims are my friend

Plus: love the style
Minus: not very Springy,and brown is only slightly better than orange

Plus: red is my friend, and it sure is a happy hat
Minus : That brim is very soft and hard to control

Plus: FABULOUSNESS, sturdy brim, stays on head would make a black suit
Minus: pretty wintry, a bit heavy on the head

Plus: Straw, Comfortable, easy you wear and Very Springy
Minus: Perhaps a tad young for this old face

Feel free to weigh in in the comments!

*When a person uses Derby Day as a marking day for weather, fashion, vacation dates, or planting the garden, it is a definitive indicator they are from Jefferson County, Ky.

1 comment:

Lady Cherry said...

I like the brown one, but I think the red one below it is best. You have reminded me I won a competition with an Easter bonnet I made from an old top hat when I was a kid! x