Feb 22, 2011

Vintage Name Dropping

Name Dropping? I plead guilty. It's been a long slow road paved with good intentions. I remember my early years, when we never mentioned the labels of our clothing - it was considered gauche. Even tacky. But at that time, another rule was to never wear a new purchase right away either. Always wait a few days. ( What was that about?? So when someone asked it it was new, we could say no, I've had it a while?) So makers and designers were only 'sold' by sales people.
And as a vintage clothing collector and dealer, I wasn't into labels at first. After all, I specialized then in 1920s and earlier, when maker's labels were rare and are now few and far between.

Now? Oh my. 'Branding' is every where. And as I have focused more on the 1940s, 50s and 60s, I must admit it. I am a Name Dropper. I didn't mean to be. I had hoped to keep substance and style in balance. I had hoped to recognize good design and construction even if namele4ss, and not to be swayed by a fancy label. But I have broken down.

1950s Pale Blue silk Elizabeth Arden Evening gown
for more information:Past Perfect Vintage

But even without a label, this would be a grand dress. Pale blue matte silk satin gown, trained overskirt with slim wrapped and draped underskirt and a draped bodice with spaghetti straps. And it is Beautifully Made.

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