Feb 28, 2011

Oh this old thing? Just a little doodad I picked up.

"Oh this old thing?" That was a response we were taught many years ago. Something self deprecating to say when we were complimented on a dress, a purse a, well, almost anything we wore. "Oh this old thing? I've had it forever". I know it was about being modest/humble. But it was also about a conceit that nothing we wore was New. My question now is: what was so bad about wearing new clothes? That we would seem nouveau riche? That people would think we were trying too hard to impress? Wasn't it sillier to leave clothing in the closet to 'age' before we used it?

Now that the rant of the day is over, these "old things" really are old. These are late Victorian era tortoise hair combs, the likes of which we will not see again. The care and craftsmanship for such a small doodad simply won't happen for the mass market again.

Victorian Tortoiseshell Comb with applied Silver Filigree Work

Beautiful Victorian or Edwardian Tortoise Shell Comb

both available at
Past Perfect Vintage

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