Feb 24, 2011

Harry Angelo Model Gowns, March 1923

At last. I have gotten the time to start photographing the plates from my Harry Angelo Model Gown Catalogue of March 1923. I will be posting these here for quite a while - there are 39 pages of them. A true treat. Harry Angelo: New York, Chicago, Paris was an importer of Parisian models. They would acquire a model gown and then make up a version of it in the same or very similar materials for the American market.

Up first: two Martial and Armand gowns in lace. Martial and Armand was a Paris Couture house at the place Vendome. The dates are a bit hazy. . There was a M. Armand. There was a Madame Valle by the late 1920s. As early as the teens, it was described as being a 'firm of mystery'. No one knows if there was a M. Martial. Certainly the house was prominent in the early 1900s and into the early 1930s. I am having trouble finding references to the house after 1934.

Martial and Armand No. 15
"A Dinner gown of ecru flat crepe achieving a bustle drape by use of a large bow in back. The skirt is made with an entire drop of embroidered lace. The marguerite and poppy design of the embroidery being worked in natural colors."

Martial and Armand No. 16
"Gown of bisque colored crepe romaine combined with Angelo Macrame lace to match. The lace bertha giving a cap sleeve appearance extends in a deep V collar in the back where it is finished with a silk tassel. The long fitted line of the skirt is broken by a side drapery of the lace which extends below the hem."


vertugarde said...

I'm looking forward to seeing more examples from the catalogue. It's great to get the fabric details Hollis.


Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

Thank you Christina. I am trying to post these every other day. It just depends on how much research I can get done.