Feb 26, 2011

Harry Angelo, March 1923, Agnes

The House of Agnes is certainly well represented in this catalog. I haven't made a strict count, but I would say they? she? sold Harry Angelo the most models that season. This is a house that was open 1906 -1931 and then until 1963 as Agnes-Drecoll. Not the milliner. That's a different Agnes. And here's an interesting note. These are Spring fashions. The catalogue is dated March. Today, fashions are shown almost 7 - 8 months in advance.
Correction: I just found a write up for the house of Agnes in the 9/26/1899 New York Sun.So the 1906 date is wrong.

No. 6 Agnes
"Formal coat and dress costume of white crepe romaine with heavily embroidered pattern in white soutache. The three quarter length coat is made on manadrin lines with a narrow collar of tailed ermine. The bodice of the dress is extensively embroidered and the skirt is made with four embroidered panels posed on a foundation also embroidered. Embroidery pattern No. 106"

No 7 Agnes
"An afternoon dress in navy blue and white, combining printed canton crepe with plain georgette. The apron skirt is made of the printed crepe with wide border of white georgette and overstraps of black joining it with its sheer white bodice. Black and white beads on the overlaid straps are used to give a blended appearance. The flared sleeves also combine the blue and white georgette."

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Anonymous said...

I'm loving seeing these. It's nice seeing more than Chanel, Patou and Lanvin from the 1920s.