Feb 23, 2011

And the Name Dropping Continues

More Name Dropping. Sorry - I can't help myself. This first piece - a classy grey wool knit dress and peplum jacket from Bonwit Teller. I am a big fan of the blouson jacket with belted waist and peplum. Where's the name? On the inside of the matching narrow belt: Adele Simpson. There are several 'well bred lady' rules I didn't mention yesterday - and one was some ladies actually removed designer labels from their clothes. Especially if it would be exposed in the jacket lining when it was removed in public.

It was another world.

c. 1957 Grey Wool Knit Dress and Jacket Set by Adele Simpson, sold through Bonwit Teller

Now Suzy Perette is only a business name. There was no person designing clothing named Suzy Perette. Not unlike Betty Crocker and food. But a very popular, long lived line it was, incorporating Parisian lines and influences.
late 1950s - early 1960s Cream Beaded Crepe Dress from Suzy Perette
for more information on these dresses: Past Perfect Vintage

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