Jan 26, 2011

Pretty, Pretty Dresses

Today's Theme? Pretty. Dressy. Silk.

All three of these dresses have labels. The blue and green floral chiffon is a Mort Schrader. I blogged about this one a while ago. I have my grandmother's copy of this dress, sadly minus label, so now I know who made it. Nicely made, it was a good quality R-T-W in the day. Mort was the son of Abe Shrader and President of Abe Schrader, Inc. This line named for Mort was geared to the younger customer.

The next dress? A cream silk chiffon party or cocktail dress with sequin bodice. The rose appliques are quite lovely. And this maker? Syd Rappaport under her Rappi label. Another R-T-W- known for high quality party and evening dresses in the 50s - 60s.

And last , a really wonderful black silk dinner dress by Dorothy O'Hara, a California based designer. O'Hara could really work a draped dress, and this one is quite remarkable. And beautifully made as well.


all dresses now available at Past Perfect Vintage

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Lisa said...

I just love the tie detail on the back of the blue and green dress, but if my waist were smaller I would just adore the sequin bodice chiffon party dress! This one feels so "now" with that ballerina look being all the rage after Black Swan opened.
Lovely dresses.