Jan 16, 2011

Party Time! In Vintage Fashion, Naturally

It's January, and yes, New Year's and Christmas have passed, but Valentines is on the way. And you could also have an actual birthday party for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln - oh heck, make it two! Actually, my grandmother did bake cherry cakes with white icing for Washington's Birthday, so hey - why not? Then there's spring proms, and weddings, so yes, party dresses know no season. And vintage dresses - but of course!

On the left, a 1950s Silver Metallic Cocktail Dress with Mega Bow, on the R., a Pale Yellow Taffeta and Net Evening Gown, also with Mega Bow

A 1960s Aqua Crepe Jumpsuit w/ beaded collar and beaded tassel belt, made in Hong Kong

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