Jan 29, 2011

One Woman's Taste in Shoes

1963-66 Balli Black Silk Evening Shoes with Rhinestones

One of the attendant pleasures of working as a Vintage clothing seller is the estate auction. Oh they can be are dirty. And are often musty. And so dark sometimes that a flashlight is needed. I admit, it is an acquired taste. But the reward of finding good clothing and even high style fashion in unlikely surroundings is a cherished bonus. The irony that the original owner would never have worn these clothes and shoes in the place they are now being sold isn't wasted on me, either.

The other continuing bonus is educational. It is an education to me to see one woman's wardrobe over time assembled in one place. Not necessarily in chronological order, but there it is. It says a lot about her and the times she lived in, her place in society and her financial means. I find it fascinating.

So now I offer you selections from one woman's shoes. There were many, many more. In the 70s she shifted back to high heels.

1950s I. Miller Two Tone Stiletto Shoes

1950s Black I. Miller Sandals coming soon to Past Perfect Vintage

1950s I. Miller Pumps, now available at Past Perfect

1960-1964 Yellow Patent Leather Stilettos by Herbert Levine recently sold

1960 - 1964 Stilettos from Joseph Du Val, now available

1963-66 Striped silk shoes by Balli coming soon to Past Perfect Vintage

1963-66 Red and white and blue pumps by Balli, also coming soon

Late 1960s I. Magnin Patent Shoes with Lucite trims, now available at Past Perfect Vintage

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Anonymous said...

Great shoes, especially the Levines and the 60s with the Lucite trim. She must have spent a fortune on her feet!