Jan 18, 2011

Leser is More

1960s - 70s Silk Twill Dress by Tina Leser,
now available at Past Perfect Vintage

Inspired by a recent acquisition of a Tina Leser piece, I wandered about the web a bit and found these lovelies from my fellow Vintage Fashion Guild Members. I must say, Ms. Leser was not shy when it came to pattern and color, bless her. She liked ethnic patterns and fabrics, she like florals, she likes graphics. And in times that favored a lot of classic colors and effects, these sure stood out.

from Catbooks1940s: Vintage Tina Leser Bold Full Skirt Jacket Set
in an Ethnic Border Print

And at Dress: the Art of Wearing Vintage, there's this
Vintage Tina Leser Hand Painted Koi Reef Dress

plus this Vintage Silk Dress Pants Designer Outfit by Tina Leser

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