Jan 24, 2011

Just a Couple of Hats

Just back from a fruitless trip to town for an auction preview. Since we don't deal in fur, there was nothing for us today.That's how the vintage cookie crumbles some days. So instead of a recent finds post, here's a few hats we just added to Past Perfect Vintage this month.

I loved this Borsalino hat - very streamlined and 60s fashion conscious , very Mod and very Italian. And so did someone else - it sold almost instantly.

1960s Borsalino Black Felt Hat

Now this 1950s straw hat appealed to me for a different reason. It's pink and black, the classic 1950s color combination. And the juxtaposition of glossy large mesh and matte fine straw is also appealing to me. And in the midst of a long, col, snowy winter, a straw summer hat gives me hope spring will come.

1950s Pink Straw & Black Net Boater Style Hat

And this -it's a little doll of a hat, don't you think? A 50s feminine bonnet look in black velvet, veiling and rhinestones. Not a hat I could ever have carried off, but wonderful for an oval face with shorter hair.

1950s Black Velvet Doll Hat with Rhinestones


Lady Jane Vintage said...

Sigh....Love that Pink & Black Straw Hat. And I LOVE your "models" for the hats! Are they Oldies, or Repros? :)

Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

Thank you! The girls are Oldies but Goodies. We restored them - they were in very bad shape indeed

Vintage Ladies Hats said...

Oh my! These are absolutely pretty vintage hats! I love the 1950s Pink Straw & Black Net Boater Style Hat. It's to-die-for! Thank you for sharing this great post. :)