Jan 5, 2011

Dressy, Dressy, Dressy

Remember the degrees of formal dress? Formal Evening, aka White Tie and Tail coat, Semi Formal Evening, aka Black tie and Tuxedo, Formal Day, aka Morning coat, Cocktail, Dinner, Reception, Theatre, etc. Early 20th C. texts on fashion would have complex charts with headings: For a morning calls, For afternoon luncheon at a home, For afternoon luncheon at a home, for dinner followed by a ball.......

Now? We have Casual and Dressy. Yes, yes, I know, no one wanted to deal with all those Rules. And yet, we did know what to wear when, so men didn't show up in a business suit when a tux was called for, and women didn't wear floor length gowns when a knee length cocktail dress was more appropriate.

But in the more modern spirit of Dressy/Casual I present three versions of Dressy:

1960s Black Beaded Top on Net
1950s Henry Harris Silk Taffeta Strapless Dress

1950s Black New Look Dress by Bloomfield

all available at Past Perfect Vintage

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