Dec 28, 2010

A Trio of Hats

I bring you a Trio of Hats in Black and Cream with a theme of three. Three decades,three materials, three silhouettes. Its a bit of a no brainer, but the best I can do with the post-Christmas cold.

First up, a Teens Mourning Bonnet in black silk crepe with jet trim and ostrich tips. Not a cheerful hat, but a stylish one.

Second, a 1950s cream wide-brimmed summer straw with navy velvet ribbon from the St. Louis department store Famous-Barr Co. An Easter Sunday hat perhaps? Maybe a summer lunch. If you are like we are about old local department stores, you can find more about Famous-Barr here.

And third, a grand 1940s summer garden party straw hat with horsehair ruffle and wide grosgrain ribbon streamers with the New York Creation and Lecie Originals labels.
for more information, including size and price: Past Perfect Vintage

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