Dec 8, 2010

Norells We Have Known

I must admit that I have a soft spot for Norman Norell ( aka Norman Levinson) simply because he was from Indiana. And for a Noblesville, IN boy to make it in American fashion is a pretty neat thing. The more I read on his work, the better I like it, too. The first works I noticed were his wonderful sequin mermaid dresses - amazing gowns that still bring the big bucks on the rare occasion they do come up at auction. Hand sewn, flat sequins in a liquid line. But the everyday clothes have their charms, too. As a designer, Norell believed in simple clothes for day - understated but never, ever dull. He used solid colors regularly, but strong prints would come into play,too. Certain themes were repeated and perfected for years - the perfect patch pocket, the perfect round neckline, the big bow. But when it came to evening, all the glamor the law allowed was the goal. Sequins, feathers, jewels, and fur. And the quality! The construction is impeccable.

I tell you, the more I know about this designer, the more I admire his work.

And now, some eye candy I title: Norells We have Known. Because I feel lucky to have handled these.

late 40s - 50s Traina -Norell Black Silk Shirtwaist coming soon to Past Perfect Vintage

Navy Wool 1950s Trains-Norell Coat

Cream Silk c. 1958-59 Traina-Norell Day Dress

1960s Norman Norell Print Silk Coat & Dress Ensemble

l. Norman Norell Cream Wool Cocktail dress w/Spangles & Rhinestones,
R. Norman Norell Grey Chesterfield Coat

c. 1970 Norell Red Wool Knit Jacket & Dress Ensemble with Green Rhinestone Buttons

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Gorgeous! I DIE for the floral set!