Dec 26, 2010

Are You Ready for New Shoes?

Are you ready for some new shoes? Even if you aren't, these are mighty fine shoe eye candy. We were lucky enough to acquire 9 pair of great shoes form one estate. And please , please believe me, these were the tip of the iceberg. I have never seen so many pairs of shoes at an estate auction in the 20 years I have been purchasing for sale. This lady was the Imelda Marcos of Northern Kentucky.
I always feel privileged and excited to have the opportunity to purchase from a collection of one woman's clothing, especially when that woman had distinct taste and the wherewithal to express that taste through clothing.
As you can see from just this small sample, her footwear preference was bold. From a comparison of the size of the dresses we saw and these shoes, I would venture this was a lady with comparatively small and slender feet, and she liked to draw attention to them.


1963- 66 Balli Black Silk Evening Shoes with Rhinestones
Candy Yellow Herbert Levine 1960s Patent Leather Stiletto Shoes with Cutouts

Two Tone 1950s I. Miller Stilettos Shoes

for size,price and photos: Past Perfect Vintage

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