Nov 26, 2010

Vintage Spadea Designer Patterns make a Showing!

We just came into a cache of great vintage patterns. And I am such a vintage sewing nerd that I am almost as thrilled as when I found a Fath and a Traina-Norell last week. That's a post for another day. These Spadea patterns are a bit a rare. Well, rare may be a bit strong, but certainly harder to come by than Simplicity. Which we also got a few of. Plus some very nice Vogue patterns. More about those to come as well.
Back to the patterns at hand. Dress designs by Tina Leser, Fontana of Italy, Donald Brooks, Estevez and one I can find nothing on, Ino of Greece. But it's a fantastic dress. Spadea didn't mess around - they got good designers to furnish designs. And they assumed you knew how to sew. It's a fascinating company , and if I may suggest further reading, please take a look at my friend Lizzie's blog: The Vintage Traveler where she interveiws Anne Spadea Combs and her article on Spadea

These patterns are all currently available at Past Perfect Vintage @ etsy

1950s Tina Leser Party Dress
1950s Ino of Greece Cocktail Dress
1960s Fontana of Italy Cocktail Dress
1950s Estevez Cocktail Dress

1950s - 60s Donald Brooks Coat Dress

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Lizzie, The Vintage Traveler said...

Thanks for linking to my article, Hollis. And Spadea was a fantastic company. Because Jean was a fashion "insider," she was able to get contracts with designers that other pattern companies could not.