Nov 17, 2010

Two from the 50s: Cardigan & Cape

If I ever own a detective agency, that's what I will call it: Cardigan & Cape, Private Detectives, Our Discretion is Assured. Or perhaps an import business: Cardigan & Cape, Inc., Exotic Silks and Indian Teas. Or maybe a boutique dealing exclusively in outerwear for the damp climate: Cardigan & Cape, Co., Tailors in Fine Woolens.

Until then, let us refocus on this colorful late 1950s hand screened printed cardigan sweater by Darlene. It's 'Angelon' - apparently a blend of angora,lambs wool and a titch of nylon. And why yes, those are blue and green poppies. Funny, the poppies I plant always come up orange.

And when we are done dreaming among the poppies, let's take a look at this reversible silk cape with attached scarf in ecru shantung and navy silk satin.The fringe is both ecru and navy and is hand tied. Mighty cool.

Both pieces available at Past Perfect Vintage

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