Nov 27, 2010

New Vintage Dresses - yes, I know that's a contradiction...........

Oh yes, I feel the contradiction every time I mention 'new' vintage clothing. But what else can I say? we have new items up in our Past Perfect Vintage Etsy shop. And they are vintage. So there you have it. The proverbial contradiction in terms. The classic oxymoron. But I will soldier on and show you the goodies:

First, a beautiful cream crepe gown c. 1938 - 40 with a zipper front, gold studs and studded rhinestones.

Second, a Gorgeous 1950s Draped Navy Crepe Dorothy O'Hara Dress

And last, 1970s Deep Sapphire Blue Rayon Velvet Evening Dress with Rhinestone edged keyhole neckline.

all three are available at

1 comment:

Steph said...

To. Die. For. I can never afford nice vintage, and refuse to touch icky vintage, so I sew. Sooo pretty though, I'm sure they'll be snapped up in a second.