Nov 8, 2010

Coming Soon to a Vintage Website Near You

It has been the season of catch up here at Past Perfect Vintage. We have spent Volumes of time getting the fall leaves up and building a new porch. A few more studs and some siding, and it would have been another room on the house. All worthwhile endeavors, but they eat up the time. Preparing wonderful vintage clothes for the website has actually felt like playing hooky! When a trip to the dry-cleaners is a hotly anticipated break from work, you have been busy. And we have had some good buys,too. All waiting in the wings. Wonderful things - hats, shoes galore, dresses, coats, well everything actually.

So here's a mini preview to whet your appetite:

1950s Red Satin Cocktail Dress

1900s Black and Gold Lame Net Lace Shawl

1940s Big Shoulder Rayon Gab Swing Jacket

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